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We put a lot of time, effort, and training into the Highest Quality Book Printing available and our loyal customers who trust us.
Treating all customers with respect is part of our work ethic, and we truly appreciate your book printing business.
Review our Book Printing Testimonials below, and see what our customers say, throughout the USA!

“I had a very positive experience working with you and lightning-press.com. Books arrived yesterday afternoon. They are truly remarkable. First-class job!! My friend that gave me feedback for the book received her copy last night and was in awe of how the cover felt and the overall quality of the book, both printing and design. Thank you again for all of your help with getting this book accomplished. I’m very proud of the outcome.”

Cheryl, Gulfport, MS
“Thank you SO MUCH for your help and support! As the owner of a family owned and operated business (Westwood Music Studios), it’s so refreshing to find other businesses that are still operated in friendly manner where human interaction is still valued. It’s becoming so rare. The next book project is going to be SO MUCH FUN as it will contain photos and drawings, although it will be primarily text based! Enjoy the weekend!”

Nancy, Westwood, NJ
“Good evening to you. I just wanted to Thank You. The books arrived safely and from what I am told, they look wonderful. Please pass along my sincerest of thanks, to all that were involved in the creation of my first published book. I am quite excited and could not have done this without each of you. And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for me, you truly were a plethora of knowledge for me, right from the start. Your amazing Customer Service, sealed the deal right at the beginning. You were fantastic! I wish you all the best and hope that I am able to work with you all again.”

Heather , Mishawaka,IN
“Thanks. I have received my order and am quite happy with the results. I appreciate the quick responses to my enquiries as well as the input and assistance you provided. I will recommend you to others whenever the opportunity arises. Also, I will probably be ordering another 50 books, within the next few weeks.
Thanks for everything.”

Adalberto, New York, NY
“Thank you Wendy. My cousins who received this book from me were highly impressed with the quality of the book material, binding, and printing. It pays to have a good professional such as Lightning Press do the work. I also want to personally thank you and Paul for helping me through the process. Your help and advice was invaluable and I am really very pleased with the results!”

Fred , Wayne, NJ
“The book has brought raves! It is beautifully produced, thank you for your advice and for doing such a lovely job. We still have a few copies of the soft cover left but hope we will sell out and come back to press sometime soon. It was a pleasure working with you. The books are gorgeous! Thank you!”

Beverley, New York, NY
“It has been a real pleasure working with you on our books. Everyone who sees them says, “WOW!! what beautiful pictures and professional looking book. These are strictly for my future generations to see how the world was as we traveled it. Our next book to be finished in about a month will be our travels through Mongolia, China and Tibet. Thanks for all your help.”

Dean, Cape Coral, FL
“Thanks – I truly appreciate you taking the time to look over the file and contacting me – that is GREAT customer service! 🙂
Dear Lightning Press People – We received our books on Monday and just wanted to say…THANK YOU
They look awesome! You were so easy to work with and thorough – we most certainly be coming to you again for our future projects.”

Raegan , North Platte, NE
“Working with you and Lightning was a very good experience, as I am sure Beverley and Eloise will agree. Both the Hardcover and Softcover were beautifully printed, high quality products. We have done well with the books and are discussing a re-order.”

Sharri, New York, NY
“Lightning Press is fantastic! I feel fortunate to have found you. Customer service was excellent, proofs timely, and the quality of the book is top notch. The first thing people say when they see it is “it’s gorgeous”—-I agree. Thank you so much for making that happen!”

Anne, Shelton, CT
“We received the books yesterday at 11am, and they were the perfect gift for our event last night! Thank you for making this happen, with the tight timeframe and shortened week from Thanksgiving, I know this was a challenge. The finished product exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your hard work. Happy Holidays”
Danielle, Monroe Twp., NJ
“Once again thank you for going the extra mile in assisting us with preparing our files for print. You’ve been an incredible help in this process.”
Madelin, Montclair, NJ
“The book looks perfect! Amazing job! Awesome! As always a pleasure working with you! Thanks for your patience and diligence!”
Mike, Houston, TX
“The books are FANTASTIC! Love the cover suggestion you made too. Looks great.”
Mike, Milwaukee, WI
“I received the books and they look much better than I imagined they would. I was very pleasantly surprised and public reaction to the book has been excellent so far. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Debbie for her fine work in preparing them for the press. I hope to order more copies soon. Many thanks,”
Bob, Traverse City, MI
“The books look great! Thank you again! It was a pleasure working with you!”
Tarra, New York, NY
“Books look great! Got the books yesterday. They look great! Thanks again! Will be in touch soon. Thanks so much, Paul. I appreciate everything. I hope to continue to order from you. I truly appreciate your and Debbie’s great work and care.”
Matthew, Rockford, IL
“Thanks again for the quick turnaround with the Ruta Reifen book proof! Everything looks great, we’d like to go ahead with printing. And thanks again for your help with the previous book, we received the Carina books yesterday and they look amazing!!”
Dina, Lenox, MA
“Happy Monday to you both! I just had to tell you how elated I was to receive my books in a timely fashion (will probably get the others tomorrow), but most of all to let you know my extreme satisfaction with your work!! The book is BEAUTIFUL! Rest assured I have been letting all know what an excellent job you did. Those that attended my reception yesterday could not stop raving about the quality and creativity, so Paul and Debbie, you get TWO BIG THUMBS UP! I will be contacting you before the year is out to place another order. Thanks so much for being a top notch company!”
Anana, Oakland, CA
“You got me, 🙂 when you sent the tracking # yesterday I was under the impression that the books were on their way. When I arrived home they were sitting in front of my garage. 🙂 they are absolutely beautiful. The group had a meeting last night and they went crazy over them. Can’t wait until Saturday when we have the actual reveal with the main body of 175. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You all did a fabulous job. I am really proud. I really appreciate you and your staff (especially DEB) for all that you do. 🙂 “
Vanessa, Durham, NC
“OMGOSH…..I just got my box of books……and I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Thank you so much…..I want to order my next round of books right away…..thank you so much Debbie for all your time and attention to our project…..thank you so much!!!”
Donna, Spring, TX
“Just received the History of the Passenger Elevator books and just wanted you to know they look really nice. Thanks for a job well done.”
Lillie, Mobile, AL
“Happy Friday! The books are here and they are AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much, you guys did a fantastic job.”
Debbie, New York, NY
“Just received the books and they look exquisite. Thank You and when we get the millionth press We’ll have a grand time, in between, working on the next. Thank You.”
Matt, New London, NH
“Thanks so much for the fast turnaround this year. It was a huge help!”
Bruce, Solon, OH
“Thanks for a great job! The author couldn’t be happier. You guys are as good as I am in customer service. And I’m good! I was a printer from 1972 until 2006 so I have some experience. I didn’t make this job easy but you sure did. Please pass my thanks to all who helped.”
Jack, Dickerson, MD
“Thank you so much! It has been such a pleasure working with you guys. Everyone has been super helpful, and the bound proofs are just beautiful!.Take care.”

Becky, Atlanta, GA
“I received the books and they look wonderful. I am sure I will need another order.”

Janice, Troy, MI
“Thanks for your patience and production of such a high quality product! The presentation and book signing went very well, and everyone was quite delighted by your work. If possible, I would thank you in person! When I finish the next script sometime late summer, I hope you’ll be available again to help! Thanks again.”

Philip, Merrillville, IN
“I really appreciate all your efforts to satisfy this job, which I acknowledge is a poor way to try to get a business relationship started. Given the high quality of both your product & customer service, I can only hope that any future jobs will be smoother for both of us. But I am particularly pleased to know that I can turn to Lightning Press for the out-of-the-ordinary jobs.Regards.”
Rob, Margate, NJ
“We received our first order of books from you today. Let me say, I’m totally blown away by the quality of this product and our work with you guys to date. Pre-press communication was excellent, clear, and timely. You delivered on time. Things arrived exactly when you said they would. The packaging and delivered product arrived very professionally. Nothing was damaged in shipment, I opened the boxed and it didn’t look like it’d just come across the country at all. Nothing moved in shipment. The final product turned out fantastic. The quality of the cover, the binding, even the paper quality on the interior– all exceeded our expectations. As we held the book and looked through it today, it all feels and looks just right. Thanks again for all of your work. Your team did great. We have two more projects to send to you in the next 7-10 days and a couple more 30-90 days out. Peace.”
Adam , San Diego, CA
“The print copies of Voice Over LEGAL arrived and we’re thrilled – they look terrific. Thanks so much for your professionalism, speedy work and attention to detail. We’re testing response to the book at a big conference next week and look forward to ordering more!”
John, Trumbull, CT
“I would like to commend Lightning Press on a job exceptionally well done. Nobody has ever done as good a job as Lightning Press has done with these books. Rest assured that if, and I am sure we will, need to do these type of books again, or similar, then I will certainly place your company as first choice, considering both top quality and price.”
Joel, St. Maarten
“Just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the books that your company printed for us. They looked AWESOME and I will be placing the next order today or tomorrow. Thank you again for the excellent work and a special THANK YOU to you for being so patient in working with me. Kind Regards.”
Ann-Marie, Jackson, TN
“Again, your work was great in making the book look super special—Sold 20 today and everyone commented on the look of the book. Thanx again, You did a gre-at job!!!”

Carol, Oak Park, CA
“I received the books today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and care in this process. I look forward to doing our next book, Vessel, with you soon. I hope you kept a couple copies for your own marketing purposes. I am very willing for you to share this as a representation of your print quality. 🙂 In Gratitude.”

Sor'a, Boise, ID
“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the books (TimeOut for Prayer) arrived safely today and look great! Thank you for a job well done. I can’t wait to get my other books reprinted as we can afford it. Holiday blessings.”
Julie, Grand Rapids, MI
“I wanted to personally thank you for your work on Banned Books’ Betsy the Flag. Your work is thorough and fast, local, and appreciated. I know we will do more business together, so expect to hear from me again in the next few months.”
Ellesia , Allentown, PA
“Thanks so much for all your help today!! I just talked to Trace and she told me what a HUGE help you were……not to mention a great instructor! It doesn’t take that much to get us Texans excited – ha!! Can’t wait to get our proof!!”
Mitzi, Dallas, TX
“We too look forward to growing together in our relationship with Lightning Press We have been very pleased with your response to our needs & the quality of your work. Wishes for a good Passover &/or Easter Celebration for you & your entire staff!”
Mary, Flushing, NY
“So moving forward i am excited to receive the proof but after i receive it i will most likely have to send the updated version to you for the actual run of books. sorry for my mistakes.
but thanks for the outstanding service, i mean outstanding!”
Nash, Pleasant Hills, CA
“Thanks and please go ahead.
I appreciate your diligence and excellent work.”
Glenn , New Cumberland, PA
“Hi Debbie. I’m a little late saying this, but thanks very much! The books looked great!!”
Toshon, Philadelphia, PA
“We look forward to the books. The last job your company did for me was outstanding.”
Preston, Canandaigua, NY
The dust jacket looks wonderful! Great idea with the black instead of white. I really love and appreciate the work you did with the flap. Its perfect. Thank you. Thanks a million. I so much appreciate your attention to this project.”

Cheryl, Tallahassee, FL
“Handbooks arrived and you guys did a super job. Everyone loves them. Thanks!”

Betty, NYC, NY
“Paul, Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic printing job! The book looks perfect! Thank You.”

Sara, Clearwater, FL
“By the way, if I didn’t tell you before, the students loved how their book turned out. I agree, you did perfect work.Thanks.”.

Larry , Chico,CA
Paul, please thank everyone for the beautiful job they did on this masterpiece. It truly is a beautiful book. Thanks!”

Sarah , Shreveport, LA
“I just wanted to tell you that the books arrived and I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much for going above and beyond and more than meeting my deadline. You can expect future orders. You are terrific!!!”

Meredith , Somerville, NJ
“We are very happy with the books and your service. We hope to be doing more business with you soon. Thank you!”

Sharon & John, Prince Edward Island, CANADA
“I’ve been out of town and super busy but I wanted to thank you for the lovely job you did on my books! I will add ISBN/bar codes on my own for this batch but for the next, I should have all of that ready for you…in hopes that I can order the next largest quantity! I appreciate all of your patience and help with a ‘newbie! With warm regards.”

Celeste , Medford, OR
“The books were delivered today–they look great. Thanks to you and Mr. Balinski for all your help and patience. Regards,”

Anthony, Long Beach Twnsp, NJ
“I am satisfied with the final FINAL proof. Debbie Graham did a superb job in bringing my file to the final stage of proof. She was very helpful and showed a great patience in dealing with an unprofessional client like me…..
The book looks great. I am totally satisfied with the result as well as the process. I am grateful for Debbie’s professional service and good printing job by the Lightning. I will be in touch if I need additional books or other projects. Have a good summer and beyond.”

Rae, Cary, NC
“My mom’s book turned out great. She loves it. She can’t stop talking about how great you guys are. It’s pretty awesome!”

Janet , Omaha, NE
“You’ve done a beautiful job in printing The Birds of Bob Privitt. The second part of my title is Dreaming of Flying. You’ve helped achieve part of my goal. I could not have asked for more. Sincerely, and Thank you!”

Bob , Thousand Oaks, CA
“Thanks to you, Paul and the rest of Lightning Press for the quick turnaround on this order. Our author really appreciates you helping him meet his release date. Great working with you.”
Mark, Orange, CA
“They are gorgeous, I love them. I haven’t shown our Plant Manager, but I know he will like them too. Thank you for all your help.”

Joan, Wayne, NJ
“I want to thank you so very much for all your assistance, efforts and hard work in getting my book printed! I am so very happy with how it turned out! And I am very confident we will be printing some more of them. 🙂 “
Christine, Ellensburg, WA
“YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!! Thanks to you both, I shouldn’t be getting any calls from Yale for at least a week now. Thank you both again for meeting their ever-changing deadlines. Working with you is truly a pleasure…. Have a good evening and enjoy the upcoming weekend.”
Nancy, Port Chester, NY
“Doxa arrived today and looks great! Thank you for all your help with Doxa this year. Please express my thanks to Paul and your entire team for working so quickly and with such excellence. Best wishes.”

Bob, Lincoln, NE
“Just want to say THANK YOU for your work in getting this job to us, both on time and looking great. Everyone at the Metuchen Country Fair was really impressed with the quality & printing. Thank you for the work, and for making my first foray into printing a very pleasant one!”

Tyreen, Metuchen, NJ
“I got TOM STAFNE: A VOLUNTEER SOLDIER yesterday. Nice job! Thank you. Much more professional operation than (previous supplier withheld). I’ll be sending another in a month or so. Details later.”

John, Elkhorn, WI