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Lightning Press is a short run Book Printing company and we can MAKE YOU MORE PROFITABLE!
Our customers are publishers, small publishers, self-publishers, authors, and we service locally, nationwide, and globally.

Stop throwing away money with long book printing runs and hope your books sell. Print shorter book runs and you'll save money with less warehousing. Print only the quantity you need and your book titles will never go out of print. Take on new book titles and test the market. Bring old out of print books back to life.

Tired of being treated like a number and getting sub-par quality. We produce the highest quality books with awesome personalized service for all your black and white, and color book printing needs. Short run quantities of 25-2000 is our specialty, for both softcover (perfect bound - paperback) and hardcover (casebound) books. Our bindings are super strong, our gloss laminated covers not only protect - but shine like glass, and our digital book printing quality is simply outstanding.

Most books are printed in the standard "portrait" style (ex. 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. high) format. Unlike most other on-line book printers, we have the ability of printing in the "Landscape" style (ex. 11 in. wide x 8.5 in. high) format also. This landscape book format is very popular in many children's books.

By using efficient, processing systems, and cutting out the fat, we are able to offer cost effective results for even the most demanding book printing jobs.

Proudly Made in America. Established 1975.